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The class schedule below is a list of what’s on tap.  I just really wanted to get it posted so you can see how many fantastic new subjects & topics I have planned for the rest of 2020 and into 2021.

We’ll get into ALL of it and more!

As each class is scheduled, it will be updated below with a registration link and with an event created on the Woke Facebook business page here. 

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Workshop for Empaths, Dec. 1st – 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm EST (4:00 pm PST)

You may be an Empath if… You can sense and “absorb” other’s feelings and emotions You need alone time to recharge Being in crowded places overwhelms you You tend to attract narcissists and energy vampires People unload on you emotionally or tell you their “life story” You’re a fixer and people pleaser You try to manage your physical environment whenever possible… If you regularly experience any of the situations above, you’ll want to join this workshop! You’ll learn to empower your Empathic abilities instead of being a victim to them and learn to discern which emotions are yours (and which aren’t), as well as how to change the energy you come into contact with. We’ll also talk about… • The different types of Empaths • The alternative to ineffective shielding • The most important skill an Empath can cultivate to change their interactions dramatically • You’ll learn to manage and grow your abilities, instead of feeling powerless to them. • Understand how excess weight around the middle can be attributed to an Empath. $25 per person. Registration and pre-payment required. Your PayPal receipt is your confirmation. You will receive an email containing Zoom connection information prior to the start of the class.


December 2020

The Angel Series: Working with Michael, Raphael and Haniel
Procrastination & Self-Sabotage: What Keeps You Stuck

January 2021

Call It In: Mastering Visualization & Manifestation
Empaths & Strong Boundaries: Learn To Manage Your Energy
Super Simple Astrology for Beginners
Soul Mates & Twin Flames

February 2021

Beginning Intuitive Development WorkSHOP
Working With Your Spirit Guides
Recurring Numbers: How to Decipher Messages From The Universe
Empaths & Narcissists: The Toxic Attraction

March 2021

Empath To Intuitive: A Natural Progression
Workshop for Intuitives 
Tarot & Oracle for Beginners & Using Tarot & Oracle Together

April 2021      

Intuitive Reiki for Practitioners 
Beginning Mediumship & Channeling
Automatic Writing: How To Get Started
Intro to The Akashic Records: Learn To Open Your Own Record

May 2021      

Intro To Shadow Work: How to Get Started
Reincarnation, Past Lives and The Other Side
Empaths & Excess Weight

Recurring Events

Surrender to the Universe
Full Moon Meditation
New Moon Intention Setting Event
Intuitive Development WorkGROU

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