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So What IS An Akashic Reading, Anyway?
An Akashic Reading gives you incredibly clear insight into WHY your life and circumstances are the way they are.

You’ll finally get answers – really specific and enlightening answers.

See, humans have questions. All sorts of questions. We want to know what our soul purpose is, why we struggle, and why certain people, issues and patterns are so persistent in our lives. It’s as if we are caught in a vicious cycle where the faces, places, and situations change – but the patterns persist.

How Does An Akashic Reading Bring Clarity To All Your Questions?
Ok – when your Akashic Record is accessed, the information relevant to your current life challenge is always highlighted. Your most persistent “patterns” are brought out to be understood (and healed) and the more questions you ask, the more clarity you receive.

Clarity and answers about your life purpose, your past lives, your life between lives, your current spiritual path, your intuitive gifts and your soul mates are available. This info can be life-changing if you currently:

  • Feel stuck and dissatisfied with your life circumstances and recurring dramas
  • Need clarity about your life purpose
  • Experience repeated patterns of bad luck, trauma and negative events
  • Consistently experience difficulties in your relationships with others
  • Suffer from a lack of self-love and confidence
  • Feel frustrated about being unable to find fulfillment and joy in your life
  • Are seeking growth in your spiritual development but you’re not sure how to proceed…

So What About Past Lives?
Past life specifics (like who you were in a past life or what you did in that life) are not as important as the information that comes from accessing those lifetimes. What really helps you understand any of your current life challenges is understanding your KARMA. With insight into your karmic debts and relationship patterns, you come to understand what is STILL manifesting in this life as a result of experiences and subconscious memories in your previous lifetimes. Why? Well, you may have unfinished business or pending lessons the soul has yet to learn. You may also experience challenges as triggers, simply to remind your soul about lessons you mastered in previous lifetimes that are waiting to be activated in this lifetime! 

What Can I Expect After a Reading?
When you book an Akashic Reading, you are provided with all the information and understanding you need to take appropriate action after you leave the session:

  • You are empowered to create a change in your life
  • Release self-limiting beliefs
  • Transform relationships
  • And experience life from a much more peaceful and happier state of mind.


“I had a reading with Jo a few days ago. She has always been awesome, but this particular one was amazing! You can really tell Aohma (her guide) is talking through her. It was so insightful, more so than many other readings I have had; we cleared some crap and I felt so good after it. Highly recommend having your Akashic records read with Jo!” ~ Simone O.

“I had my reading from Jo. Super powerful and helpful. I highly recommend the experience.” ~ Jane H.

“Jo’s Akashic readings are amazing!” ~ Cathy H.

“I LOVED my reading! Thank you for your gift, Jo!” ~ Rohia P.

Akashic Records… OH WOW! I’ve been heading toward a deep crisis recently. Things got pretty dangerous there for a bit, and suddenly I got this intuitive idea that I need to book an Akashic Records reading with Jo, so I did (because the thought wouldn’t leave me alone until I contacted her). And let me tell you… that was one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had, and I’ve had powerful experiences before. She’s amazing, people. Her channeling was impressive and very helpful and illuminating. And she was so loving and gentle throughout the process. I HIGHLY recommend this type of reading… Much, much appreciated. Now, it’s my responsibility to use all the information I’ve just received, to help myself become empowered. Thank you again, Jo” ~ Hanna V.

90 minutes – $98
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Connecting To Spirit: Reading with a Medium

Spirit Mediumship Reading
As a Medium, Channel and Empath, my abilities allow me to connect to Spirit and deliver messages from beyond the physical. During a reading, I’m a messenger as your Guides work through me, and your loved ones communicate thoughts and memories. A Spirit Mediumship Reading can provide comfort and validation, allowing you to hear possibilities you may not have considered.

I love these sessions! 

They always bring about healing, answers, understanding, forgiveness and a sense of peace &  relief that can help you move forward knowing your loved one is now simply in energetic form, and merely a thought away.

60 minutes – $111book now blue

Tarot & Oracle Reading

tarot oracle
A tarot and oracle reading offers insight into situations in your life, and guidance on the actions you may need to take.  I use both types of cards.  The oracle tells us the what, and the tarot tells us how.


30 minutes – $40
60 minutes – $65
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Readings can be done via
Phone/Face-Time, Zoom or In-Person 


Location 1133 South Washington Avenue, Lansing, MI 48910 Phone 517.348.2271 E-mail Hours Business Office Hours: M-F, 11am-5pm; Studio Hours: by appointment/class or event
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