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Medium Reading vs Akashic Reading

How is an Akashic Records Reading different than a Medium Reading?

During a Medium Reading, I’m a translator.  Using my abilities to communicate with Spirit, I am the go-between, delivering messages of love and support from those who have passed over (loved ones, friends, guides, etc.).  Life doesn’t end when we die, we merely begin a whole new experience. We can still hear, see and communicate, we just no longer have a voice with which to speak or arms to reach out and hold.  The ability of mediumship is my most cherished, and sharing it is a beautiful privilege.

An Akashic Records Reading is very different!

Akashic energy rises on the formed word.  The more we talk about a problem/issue/circumstance, the higher the frequency rises and the more detailed the information is that comes through.  This isn’t to fish for information, it’s to create the strongest connection possible between myself and the person I’m reading.

Think of the Akashic Records as the cloud storage for the Universe.  During an Akashic Records Reading, I access information from those who guide us based on our Soul Blueprint and our Soul Contracts.  See, when we decide to incarnate into human form, we create a Soul Blueprint to help us stay focused on our human tasks, lessons, balanced karma and relationships. Our Soul Blueprint is the plan of that human life.

In order to carry out this plan, we create Soul Contracts with others (soulmates, etc.) to help us learn important lessons.  To keep us focused on the goals of our blueprint, we enlist the help of advisors (Spirit Guides).  All of this is just one of the areas of our existence that can be revealed and explored in an Akashic Records Reading.

Throughout, I get input and information from your loved ones, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Angels and other Divine Beings.

Akashic Readings can also focus on different subjects, such as:

  • Past Lives and how they impact your current challenges,
  • Your Life Purpose and how to get started on your “path”
  • Your Spirit Guides and how to develop a stronger connection with them


Both 60 minute readings are $65 for a limited time


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Spirit Mediumship Reading

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“I had a reading with Jo a few days ago. She has always been awesome, but this particular one was amazing! You can really tell Aohma (her guide) is talking through her. It was so insightful, more so than many other readings I have had; we cleared some crap and I felt so good after it. Highly recommend having your Akashic records read with Jo!” ~ Simone O.

“I had my reading from Jo. Super powerful and helpful. I highly recommend the experience.” ~ Jane H.

“Jo’s Akashic readings are amazing!” ~ Cathy H.

“I LOVED my reading! Thank you for your gift, Jo!” ~ Rohia P.

Akashic Records… OH WOW! I’ve been heading toward a deep crisis recently. Things got pretty dangerous there for a bit, and suddenly I got this intuitive idea that I need to book an Akashic Records reading with Jo, so I did (because the thought wouldn’t leave me alone until I contacted her). And let me tell you… that was one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had, and I’ve had powerful experiences before. She’s amazing, people. Her channeling was impressive and very helpful and illuminating. And she was so loving and gentle throughout the process. I HIGHLY recommend this type of reading… Much, much appreciated. Now, it’s my responsibility to use all the information I’ve just received, to help myself become empowered. Thank you again, Jo” ~ Hanna V.


Readings can be done via
*Phone/Face-Time, *Zoom or In-Person!

*For Phone/Zoom readings, please email me at to let me know you’ve booked a reading that needs to be done online or over the phone. Thank you! 




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