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Book Your 2021 Akashic Forecast Report Today!

It’s that time of year again! 2021 is looming so it’s time to begin ordering your 12-Month Akashic Forecasts…I create these yearly reports using your Akashic Record, your Soul Blueprint and your Numerology Life Path Number.

You ‘ll receive all that awesome info packaged in a sassy PDF document, emailed to you.

How They Help…
Staying in the flow of your Life Path is so much easier when you are aware of your strengths, potential challenges and what you need to do, to more easily overcome any obstacles to living in alignment with your Soul Blueprint. When I create your forecast, I provide a “map” to navigate 2021 with clarity, insight and mindfulness. Forecasts are completed in the order they are ordered and typically take 2 weeks to receive, HOWEVER, because of my move, they won’t be started until mid to late October. But no worries… you WILL receive them before the start of 2021.

Phone/online video reviews are included with all booked reports and you will be contacted to schedule a session. Because of the detail and size of these reports, I only accept a limited number of orders for this product. They always sell out, so be sure to order yours as soon as possible!

I do these Old School… To order your 2021 Akashic Forecast, EMAIL your full name, birthday and the one area of your life you want clarity and guidance on for 2021, to wokestudiolansing@gmail.com.

2021 Akashic Forecast Report

A yearly report using your Akashic Record, your Soul Blueprint and your Numerology Life Path Number. received in a sassy PDF document, emailed to you. Phone/video review included.


Standard Akashic Reading

A reading for specific questions you would like clarity and insight into.

60 minute reading: $75 through September 30th, ONLY. Book Now

Spirit Guide Akashic Reading

During a Spirit Guide Akashic Reading, I connect to your Spirit Guides who help you stay focused on your path. As humans, we all have Spirit Guides to help us, protect us, and help us develop spiritually and intuitively. They’ve been with us since before birth, and stay throughout our entire human life to offer assistance in our daily life and in the choices we must make. I’ll connect with your Spirit Guides to determine who you are currently working with and you’ll learn their names, how they appear, and you’ll learn their specific roles as they support you in your current incarnation.  You’ll also learn which method each Guide uses to connect with you.

60 minute reading: $125Book Now

Online Soul Blueprint & Spirit Guide Akashic Reading

During a Soul Blueprint & Life Purpose Akashic Reading, I connect to your Souls Blueprint  (the “plans” of your human life) and your Numerology Life Path. Your Soul Blueprint was written to help you as you explore soul lessons, your unique talent, and your karma & relationships. Containing all the details of your lifepath, your soul contracts, your karma, past lives, future potential lives and hints of your life between lives, it’s a sacred “document” that changes with each life, but every detail is recorded in your Akashic Record.

60 minute reading: $125Book Now

Past Life Akashic Reading

Your past lives hold many keys to your current relationships, challenges and talents, and even your physical appearance! When you seek Akashic insight into these areas of your life, you can receive the answers to some of your biggest life questions and get a glimpse of the past life in which your question is based.

We’ll then determine your numerology LifePath number and connect to your Guides to learn what you need to know to get started on your life purpose.

60 minute reading: $125Book Now

The Next Phase Reading

This reading will help you gain clarity for your path forward. We are all entering a new phase of our spiritual journey. Things are changing and we are meant to do something new.  But it can be challenging to know exactly WHAT that something actually is. This reading brings clarity and insight into 11 areas of your life including the next steps on your spiritual path, what challenges you may encounter and what you need to know in order to move forward with trust and confidence.

60 minute reading: $125Book Now

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