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Empath & Sensitive
Energy Empowerment Session 

Jo Figueras, R.M.T., Energy Therapy Practitioner, Clairvoyant Channel (read about Jo here.) To book an appointment with me, call 517.348.2271

This session is a deep dive into learning the KEY to being a powerful Empath/Sensitive  who doesn’t pick up unwanted energies. 

It’s part questionnaire, part intuitive reading, part energy work, and 100% empowerment of your empathic/sensitive abilities.

It’s the first step toward a change you’ve been seeking – the mastery of your Empathic sensitivities.  It’s not hard work – it’s happy work… and it will propel your self-mastery into high gear by giving you the tools to set strong energetic boundaries, no matter the environment.

A Empowerment Session is 90-minutes of mentoring, instruction and intuitive insight  where you will learn what specifically keeps you feeling disempowered, and techniques to allow you to be a powerful Empath/Sensitive  who no longer picks up unwanted energies.  

When you book a session, you receive…

  • An intuitive review to identify what keeps you feeling disempowered,
  • An energy center balancing and an Akashic assessment of your emotional body,
  • Instruction showing you how to transmute energy instead of absorbing it, thus setting strong energetic boundaries.

$111 for a 90 minute session.  To book, complete the form below. 


Reiki Therapy

Woke has several certified Reiki Master Practitioners to chose from.  A Reiki session should match your needs and your preferences; after all, it is your healing session. Since not all Reiki practitioners and services are alike, please feel free to reach out to Jo to find a practitioner who best suits you.

Milo Kincaid, Certified Holy Fire II Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, Karuna Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner

Holy Fire Reiki is a combination of traditional Usui Reiki and a contemporary evolution of Reiki introduced by the International Center for Reiki Training. Holy Fire  is both powerful and gentle and provides purification, healing, empowerment and guidance.  Karuna Reiki is the spiritual essence of Universal Compassion. This beautiful frequency blends perfectly with the vibration of Holy Fire Reiki to bring about profound transformation and deep healing.  $60 for a 60 minute session.

Massage Therapy

Trauma Informed Medical Massage

Rachel Berzack, Licensed Massage Therapist (bio)

To book an appointment with Rachel call 586-770-6878.  This is a unique style of massage that emphasizes passive body positioning and gentle, repetitive movements.  All treatments can be adjusted and customized based on the client’s level of comfort, triggers, and any other needs they may have. Rachel is also offering trauma-informed massage services for clients with post traumatic stress and trauma histories.

  • 60 minute session – $75
  • 90 minute session – $110

Vibrational Sound Therapy

New Practitioner Announced Soon! 

Guided Meditation 

Join Jo every Tuesday for a different meditation each week to expand your consciousness and center your energy as you are guided through an incredibly peaceful and healing energy.

During each meditation, she will guide you through 45-60 minutes as you explore the chakra system, 12 dimensions of consciousness or a past life. No matter which guided meditation you choose to attend, you ‘ll experience an incredibly peaceful and deep connection to your higher self and your inner guidance as you tap into the energy of healing, guidance, past life connections, release, intention setting, growing your intuitive gifts, and empowering self-love.

These meditations include an oracle card pull at the beginning and gallery style intuitive insight at the end for each attendee (as time allows). The meditation is done on the beautiful hardwood floors of the studio, so for your total comfort, bring a thick mat, blanket, pillow, bolster and dress in layers.

She also holds monthly New Moon and Full Moon Meditations.  Check out our Facebook Events page for more information

Jo is a Clairvoyant Channel and Intuitive Development Mentor who connects to the Akashic Realm to share the wisdom and guidance of Spirit. She helps her clients and students develop their own intuitive abilities in order to stay focused on their Lifepath as they journey in prosperous co-creation with the Universe.

6:00 pm– 7:30 pm • $10 per person. No registration required/walk-in’s welcome. Cash or credit (+% card processing) taken onsite.

Integrative Nutritional Counseling Coming Soon!


Location 1133 South Washington Avenue, Lansing, MI 48910 Phone 517.348.2271 E-mail Hours Business Office Hours: M-F, 11am-5pm; Studio Hours: by appointment/class or event
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